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OliPocket - A real tough women

OliPocket: "There’s no need to be worried, either you win or you learn. But you never lose." For this interview, we talked to Olivia "OliPicket" Schmidt, our PUBG team captain.

Team Expert: How has your involvement with the PUBG eSports scene been? Is there anything, in your opinion, that should be changed about how it operates?

The pro scene seems to be pretty familiarly to me.  Since PUBG is still in Early Access, I am pretty sure we’ll see a lot of changes until release. At the moment, we’re in a phase of testing and every one of us is giving his or her best to report suggestions and ideas of how the game could improve from the competitive sight.

Team Expert: We’re far from the only eSports organization to invest in PUBG. Are there any other teams or players in particular that you’re worried about facing in the future?

(laughs), No I am definitely not worried about any other teams. We’re already playing against the best teams worldwide in the scrims to improve our tactical play. So there’s no need to be worried, either you win or you learn. But you never lose.

Team Expert: It’s a hot topic for debate right now as to whether or not the game is eSports ready. In your opinion, what, if anything, needs to change to make the game into a better competitive environment?

That’s kind of a hard question because this is something, our team, and I think every team in the pro scene, has their daily struggle with.  There clearly needs to be done something, before we can say “it’s eSports ready”. It’s clearly not at this stage. To name only a few fixes: there needs to be more and better spread out loot to reduce the RNG, especially in the early game.  The performance must be improved, we sometimes have less than 20 fps if the circle ends in a city. And especially the client-sided things like the smokes or hits need to be changed. 

Team Expert: What are the plans you have for the future for these players, both on an individual level and your involvement with Team expert?

I am pretty sure the main goal is to improve as a team. Having a strong partner like expert on our side is the best that can happen to a team and I am happy and excited of what the future will bring.

Team Expert: What does a regular day of practice or scrims look like for the team? We can’t imagine finding 96 other people to scrim regularly is too easy.

Usually, we meet on the discord and then we are playing 6 rounds under tournament conditions two times a week. You only need 20 teams max because it turned out earlier that this is the maximum of people a competitive game can take. I would even say that the number of teams could be lowered to 18.

It’s the best training you can have because in PUBG, public games and tourneys are something completely different. That’s why playing public games doesn’t really train us and why we are really happy to scrim with the other teams.

Team Expert: How often do you practice together as a team? Are your practice sessions aimed more towards teamwork building, or individual improvement?

We practice 4 times a week as a team and everyone for himself/herself daily.

Team Expert: Does the team in general tend to prefer regular or first person servers as a learning environment?

First person is way more competitive and this is why every serious tourney is held in FPP. No one would ever prefer third person for a competitive game.

Team Expert: If a tournament or invitational requires duos only, how are the players who will be working with each other be selected from the four of you?

We have never thought about that, to be honest. But in my opinion, every one of us is able to play with everyone, so if there will be duo tourneys, we are ready.

Team Expert: Finally, the age-old question – Red Dot or Holo sights?

Holo for spray, red dot for range.

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