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Symbiose: "I am dedicated to train maps as if every opponent was a top team"

For this interview, we sat down with Kenz "Symbiose" Le Gouge, one of our talented TrackMania driver. 

Team expert: Hello Symbiose and welcome on our website! May you introduce yourself?

Hola, I’m Symbiose, a 20 years old French TrackMania player for team expert since expert black addition to the roster. I’m mostly known for bringing high-quality fairplay and speaking the poorest Spanish ever heard. I discovered TrackMania in 2011, and started playing it 3 or 4 years ago with team ToGa, which joined eXception quickly. I played at a decent level very fast, and I improved my consistency. Eventually, I left eXception for dignitas less than 3 years after starting the game. I trully gave my best ever since, winning ESL with dignitas and joining expert where we remain undefeated.
I play a tech gameplay of course, but also a lot of minis and more occasionally envimix (which I love). I use cam1, PS3 pad and a 144Hz monitor

Team expert: With team expert you entered the TrackMania Team Cup PlayOff. How do you feel about this tournament? What team are you affraid of?

I don’t play the TrackMania Masters cup differently than other tournaments. I am dedicated to train maps as if every opponent was a top team. I performed decently so far, getting some World Records and challenging Bergie for top (or bottom) fragging. With playoff phase incoming, I expect our opponents to be at 200% so we must not underestimate any match, especially with so many great players around. Q’s performance proved that any team can be a real challenge. TMM’s format (4v4) make it really interesting even if you have only 2 or 3 great players, and upcoming matches are going to be really close. With team expert by my side, I’m not afraid of any specific team, but every team is a potential threat and we must keep playing at our highest level to not be negatively surprised.

Team expert: You played recently in Melun the Gaming WinterFest. While you had not a big experience in offline events, you managed to reach the Grand Final. This was a great perfomance that no one expected from you. Can you talk about it about your journey there?

My last and first real offline event was Gamers Assembly last year, that I've played with team eXception and performed really poorly, even if I had good Personal Bests. It was my first real LAN and I was under pressure, fell into loser bracket and got knocked out right after. I was playing with a poor 20 FPS / 40Hz overheating laptop which didn’t help much.
This time I was way more confident, even though I didn’t train much I had the experience of several months playing for expert at the highest level, and a new PC. With Bren and Massa, I was the one who performed the best until we met in consolidation finale. My qualification to the grand final was a complete surprise and I never thought I would go that far. Attending a LAN final was an utopia for me, and sitting behind my PC on stage was surreal for me. I did a convincing 1st map, but pressure rose really fast and I couldn’t bear it. Kappa, Massa and Kronos completely deserved their podium and even if I didn’t play the finale I wanted, I am still very proud of how far I went.
It was also my first meeting with Massa (haHAA) and Bren, and we spent a great weekend.

Team expert: How do you see your future on TrackMania? Will you play more offline events?

I really want to attend more LANs, but I don’t have much control over my free time. With university getting harder and harder, and other side stuff that I can’t skip, it has become a hard sacrifice to attend LANs. I couldn’t attend GA for those reasons, but I’ll try to qualify for the next Mania Planet World Cup.
Nonetheless, I will remain active online as much as possible, helping here and there to keep expert at his current rank of n°1 team.

Team expert: What do you think about the results of the very last Gamers Assembly?

Let’s say that it was kind of… Surprising. I guess admins did everything they could, but it was not enough. I don’t know much of why it went so bad, so I can’t say anything. Every player could take it home in my opinion, and could have been closer. With players that are easily tilted, the outcome could have been completely different… GG to Kappa, he clearly dominated and deserved the win, proving he can hard focus and consistently play even in front of unpredictable events.

Team expert: Thanks for answering our questions, I let you conclude.

Thanks a lot for this interview, and thanks to expert for everything they have done for TM so far. I post a monthly video of my best runs done over the month if you want to check it out, it is 100% quality content 0% overediting, and 69% fairplay (laughs). Also, shoutouts to Skadi fairplay training.
May the Hylis be ever in your favour.

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