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Scarlett is Queen of the North!

Scarlett has done it, winning the Kings of the North Season 3 tournament in Toronto. She’ll take home 1500 CAD for the victory, and add another line to her already impressive CV.

A perfect path through the offline qualifiers

But how did she get here? Let’s go back to the beginning. As we mentioned on Friday, Scarlett wasn’t invited to the tournament and didn’t play in the online qualifiers, so her only chance was at the offline qualifiers, held the day before the main event. She cruised through the upper bracket here, taking a score of 2:0 victories against lesser known players to reach the main event.

Steady progress through the tournament

The tournament proper started with a round robin stage for seeding; every player played each opponent in a single best-of-one series. She scored victories against Jason, Kelazhur, Pokebunny and viOLet, but suffered defeats against MasSa, PandaBearMe and puCK. That left her facing fellow Zerg PandaBearMe as her first round opponent, who she dispatched in a clean 2:0 series. Next up was viOLet, in another ZvZ battle. Once again, Scarlett didn’t drop a map, taking the best-of-three series with victories on King Sejong Station and New Gettysburg.

The winner’s finals were where it got interesting. She faced MaSa, one of the strongest Canadian players right now, who had defeated her earlier in the seeding stage of the tournament. She dropped the first map, Frozen Temple, but managed to come back with convincing victories on Galactic Process and Frost, showing a good range of styles and holding on against continuing aggression. 

Coming from the winner’s bracket left her with a one map advantage going into the grand finals, where she faced the in-form Brazilian Kelazhur.

Scarlett vs Kelazhur, a back-and-forth grand finals

Kelazhur quickly equalised the series with a victory on Frozen Temple. His initial three Barracks Reaper pressure was well held by Scarlett, but the Terran was able to continue his harassment and wrap it all up with a well-timed push before Scarlett’s Mutalisk flock was ready.

Kelazhur tried to take a sneaky lead with four proxied Barracks on the next map, New Gettsyburg. However, the risk didn’t pay off against Scarlett’s impeccable Zergling defence, and the Terran capitulated after three minutes.

On Galactic Process, Kelazhur was able to move to four bases while keeping Scarlett on just three for the early game. Despite Scarlett winning a big engagement about thirteen minutes in, Kelazhur’s economic advantage eventually carried him to the victory. 

That meant the last map would decide it all… and Kelazhur went for a ballsy proxy triple Barracks play on King Sejong Station. Scarlett held it off like the professional she is, and counter-attacked for the victory. She wins the series 3:2 and claiming her crown as the Queen of the North!

Congratulations to Scarlett, and thanks to the organisers ESChamp for a brilliant tournament!

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