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Scarlett Qualified for GSL 2018 Season 1

Scarlett will be fighting in GSL's first season of 2018 starting in January. It looks like Scarlett’s efforts towards the WCS in 2017 were indeed noticed, as she has qualified for GSL’s first 2018 season starting in January! This premier, bracket-style tournament takes place over the course of roughly two and a half months, and will feature 32 players who will compete for the first place prize, which will be ₩40,000,000 (roughly $35,580 USD), 4,000 WCS points, and a seed in the 2018 WCS Global Finals. If you’re looking to become the next world champion at next year’s Blizzcon, and you think you have what it takes, then this tournament is the way to go. Her hard work payed off and earned her a spot in the 2018 season, so be sure to keep track of her progress and cheer her on in 2018!

Scarlett will be playing in the Code S bracket, which starts as a group stage, best-of-three format. The four players in each group are split into pairs and will play against each other. The winners of these matches then face each other, and the winner of that match will then advance to the round of 16, while the loser drops to a losers match for a chance to face the winner of the winner’s match and advance. The Round of 16 winners advance to a best-of-five quarterfinals, while the semifinals and final matches are all best-of-seven. This tournament is sure to be an exciting couple of months in Starcraft eSports, so if you’re willing to support Scarlett on her climb to be the best, or just want to see some good and well played matches, then GSL 2018 should be on your radar!

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