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Scarlett qualified for IEM Pyeongchang

Our own Zerg queen, Scarlett, will be going to Korea to compete!
Scarlett will be going to Korea to compete in the IEM Season XII – PyeongChang, and her qualification for the event was a lucky one. These qualifiers were played first as a single elimination B03, until the tournament reached the Ro16, at which point players competed in a best of five series, and the winners advanced to the LAN tournament in Korea. She competed in the first North American qualifier for the event, but after Stage 1 of the qualifier, during which she took a strong 3-0 victory over JimRising, herself along with players JonSnow, Neeb, and SpeCial were all disqualified due to conflicts between the main event and the WESG 2018 North & South America qualifier. This left a bit of a gap in the bracket and did allow for a few players to get a buy in into the later semifinals. However, after their disqualification, IEM was willing to work with these players and institute a second qualifier, giving them a second shot at qualifying for the main event. Out of these four, SpeCial and our very own Scarlett placed in the top two, and advanced to the Round of 16 at the main event.

IEM Season XII – PyeongChang will feature 18 players in a $150,000 prize pool tournament. She will be competing among many other well-known players, including HeRoMaRinE, SpeCial, Probe, Nice and more, including her own teammate, Bly. As usual with competitive Starcraft II tournaments these days, Zerg players are the dominant force, with 7 of them already having qualified, likely with more to come, while only a single Terran player has made it in so far. Aside from the players, very little information is available about the format, prize money distribution and WCS Point distribution, so all we can do is wait for more information to come. This tournament will be taking place from February 5th – February 7th 2018, and coverage will be provided on ESL’s twitch channel.

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