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Team expert dominates the TrackMania Pro League!

The TrackMania Pro League is a professional Trackmania² Stadium league that has been announced in June 2017 by eXeS eSport. The competition features 2 leagues composed of 20 players each from around the world to compete in a seven weeks long league - half-yearly - which includes a regular season, playoffs, and promotion/relegation phases. Trackmania Pro League's official partners are Nadeo, Edie&Watson and Drakonia, which results to a cashprize of 1000 euros promised to the winners. Players will have to play intensively during these weeks in matches played in 1v1v1v1 Cup Mode and grind the league throughout their victories.
So basically how it went, top 2 from qualifiers got put into the leagues. First place winner from qualifier got a spot in Premier League whilst the second place went to the Second League. Both leagues were playing the same mappack every playday with random rotations per match. Every weekend there were 2 playdays where players could gain points based on their placing in the match; first gets 3 points, second gets 2 points, third gets 1 point and last gets 0. At the end of all 8 playdays you have faced every player in your league at least 1 time, some players met twice because it just happened to be like that. After all matches were completed, the total points you earned with matches got added up and you are placed in the final ranking.

For the second league, the price for getting top 2 is a promotion to the Premiere League for season 2. However, the top8 of the Premier League will be playing a Playoffs bracket to determine who is the ProLeague Champion. Place 9-14 of the premiere league got a secure spot in season 2 whilst position 15-18 play relegation matches vs 3-6 from division 2 to see who stays/promotes to division 1. (credit to Spam)

Of course our players for Team expert have been giving their very best to perform as good as possible during these seven weeks. Roa, Serbi, Royal, Bergie and Massa have been competing in the Premier League while Pac and Spam got placed in the second league. At the end of the day, it is the three times world champion CarlJr from Canada taking first place in the Premier League with 23 points and a total of seven #1 placements and one second place, followed by three Expert players being Roa, Bergie and Massa with 20, 18 and 18 points respectively. 7th place goes to Royal with 15 points and Serbi placed 11th in front of the German duo DexteR and shorty. This means Roa, Royal, Bergie and Massa will be fighting for the potential ProLeague champion title!
In the second league, Pac and Spam have dominated the rest with a clean 8-win streak by Pac who ends up with the perfect 24 point score. Spam placed himself just behind his teammate with seven wins, one third place and 22 points overall. This will guarantee both of them a spot in the Premier League in the next season! GG!

VOD's of past matchups in the TMPL can be found over at Spam's Youtube channel.

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