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Team expert opens PES division!

Today, we are proud to announce a new division in our esports family: Konami´s PES - Pro Evolution Soccer !

With Pro Evolution Soccer always being in the shade of FIFA, this year's PES is very hyped and well-received by the players. Since we already started to host PES tournaments, like the expert soccer challenge 2017 at IFA Berlin, it was just about time that we got into the competitive business of the game.

As we now enter the competitive eSports scene of Pro Evolution Soccer, we are also happy to announce our first players, including the reigning German champion Mike 'El_Matador' Linden. Additionally, another German champion joins us alongside our German FIFA champion Mohammed 'MoAubameyang' Harkous.
Mike 'El_Matador' Linden is a veteran in the PES scene as he is a three-time German champion, world champion PES 5 and CL Event European champion. He became stronger and even more experienced by playing many tournaments in the last years and shows willingness to earn the crown for the German championship again. We at team expert wish him all the best for his time here and hope he achieves everything he wants.

Here is what Mike says about his next step with team expert:

'I'm glad to take this new challenge, and hope to be successful while representing team expert in PES."

Next to Mike, we also welcome two other PES pros to our new squad:
Mehrab 'MeroMan' Esmailian, 22, and Pejam 'pajamjoon' Zeinali, 29. Both are also well-established players with huge successes in the past.

Here is what Uwe Semtner, General Manager of team expert states:

"Since our first PES tournament at IFA this year we thought about stepping further into this game - even after we received clear signs from the community that we would have their support. Thanks to Dennis Nirtl from STARK eSports who was very helpful in getting Mike Linden on board. I really appreciate their open minds while working together with us. Finally, we can win another with Mehrab and Pejam; two great German players in our starting lineup for PES. Therefore, I'm happy to press the launch button at exactly the same time as our 2nd big PES tournament in Göttingen."


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