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Team Expert enters HGC EU Phase II

New Team Mate, Old Fighting Spirit: Today our HotS Team will start into HGC Europe Phase 2

Unfortunately Team Expert was not able to qualify for the Mid-Season Brawl. But the team used the opportunity to practice more, getting better with their communication and develop a successful synergy with their new mate, Atheroangel. Athero has already played in Team Dignitas and Fnatic and was also playing for Team Zealots, who were able to advance to the HGC from the Open Division. Team Expert is well prepared for Phase II and is aiming to reach the top three so they can qualify for the Western Clash in Kiev taking place in early August. This task is not easy, but far from impossible. Fnatic and Team Dignitas are very strong, but not invincible. Team Liquid struggled a bit lately, but they are disciplined enough to come back to old strength. That being said, Team Expert already scored a 3-1 against Team Liquid. Every team is beatable, and our boys are more than thirsty for a top three spot.

Fresh Meat!

After the Crucible, two new teams arrived in the HGC. But not all players are new to the competitive scene. In fact, many of them have already played in professional teams and competed for some decent prize money. Team “Zealots” is a composition of several former pro players coming back into the action. Zarmony, POILK, GranPkt, Shad and Mopsio are all up for some fresh wind in the HGC. Team Good Guys on the other hand has some players who are new to the competitive scene, like Cronaz, Xay3 and Antihero. Bkbgrnrjefek and mTwRaiDbawZ have already played in several pro teams.

Let the Battle Begin

Two new teams in the HGC, one new member for Team Expert, many new possibilities in terms of heroes, strategies and the meta. This will reshuffle the cards of fortune for the HGC. Let’s see which ones Team Expert draws, and which aces they got into their sleeves.

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